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As part of your stainless program maintenance

First …

with Cream Cleaner to remove any corrosion

Rapelle Stainless Steel Cream Cleaner

Then …

with Rapelle Glass & Stainless Steel Protecta..

Rapelle Glass Stainless Steel Protector

Case Study – Sydney Anzac Memorial

We were asked to spit and polish the stainless-steel frames holding the raised etched glass on the barricades to the entrances of the ANZAC Memorial in Sydney. 

The stainless steel and glass barricades that restrict entry to the Anzac Memorial ‘tea stain’ (corrode) over time. The long shot shows the proximity to the water and fountains which the barricades face. Water drifting through the air will accelerate corrosion combined with air borne contaminates.

Rapelle recently gave these barricades a spit and polish after not being on site for 5 years prior. When you visit to pay respect to our ANZACS at the Shrine of Remembrance, if you are there before of 9am or after 5pm you can see an example of our stainless rejuvenation work

Rapelle Cleans Anzac Memorial

The barricade is at the top of the steps.

Our Background

About Us

We established Rapelle® in 1992 with a view to help Tradies have a simple professional solution to clean and protect all grades of stainless steel.

Our unique stainless steel cleaning and stainless steel protection products are designed to protect your assets and significantly reduce cleaning maintenance. 

Rapelle provides an asset risk protection solution for your people, customer, image & brand.

The 2 step solution we developed is simple: 

Step 1

Apply our nonabrasive cream cleaner with a non-scratch scouring  sponge to remove ‘tea stains’

Step 2

Prevent further corrosion with our stainless steel protective coating

Our Products

Rapelle® Stainless Steel Cream Cleaner

500 gms – ONLY $14.95

SAFE to clean ALL stainless steel ‘non scratch’, rejuvenates up to 25 sqm.
Easily remove TEA STAINS and CORROSION – Non Abrasive Formula

Rapelle Asset  Protection

A unique formulation for the removal of corrosion and “tea stains” on all grades of stainless steel. This non-abrasive formula not only cleans, polishes and removes contaminates, it also pre-conditions the stainless steel for the protection of Rapelle Glass Stainless Steel Protecta.

  • This formulation is pH neutral in order to counter any acidic corrosive residue remaining from previous cleaning products and contaminates.
  • Ideal for use on Chrome, all grades of Stainless Steel or BBQ plates to remove rust.
  • With a pleasant citrus fragrance, it is mild on hands and Non-Toxic.
  • SAFE to clean ALL stainless steel ‘non scratch’, rejuvenates up to 25 sqm
  • Easily remove TEA STAINS and CORROSION – Non Abrasive Formula
More Information
Rapelle Stainless Steel Cream Cleaner Specifications

Rapelle Stainless Steel Cream Cleaner Specifications

Rapelle® Glass & Stainless Steel Protecta

500 mls – ONLY $24.95

Stainless steel protection that seals and protects ALL grades of stainless steel. Seal up to 25 sqm just wipe on and polish with a clean dry cloth.

Rapelle Asset  Protection

Rapelle Glass & Stainless Protecta is a microfilm coating that chemically bonds to the surface capillaries to form an invisible protective barrier. 

  • It can be used as a sealer to protect from grime ingress and salt spray.
  • Ideal to repel salt spray on marine glass, architectural glass, balustrade to inhibit corrosion which causes unsightly “Tea Stains” and rust on all grades of stainless steel.

If water can’t stick grime can’t stick.

Less cleaning, less time, less cost

More Information
Rapelle Glass Stainless Steel Protecta Specifications

Rapelle Glass Stainless Steel Protecta Specifications

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