RTA initiates paver treatment to reduce Bus Station cleaning maintenance on Liverpool to Parramatta T-way

Even though the cement pavers at the bus stations along the Liverpool to Parramatta T-way were being cleaned regularly in accordance with the current cleaning contract, stains from food fats, drink spillages, etc and chewing gum were building up. The Roads and Traffic Authority needed a solution which would achieve the following;

  • Retain the natural look and texture of the pavers.
  • Repel liquids and food fats, stopping penetration into the substrate of the pavers.
  • Process to achieve this solution needs to minimise water usage and use environmentally friendly products.
  • Reduce current cleaning effort.

The decision was made to high pressure clean the two largest bus stations on the T-way and then seal with Rapelle Invisi Seal, to test a surface treatment to make cleaning maintenance easier.

The test proved that after application of the permanent Rapelle Easy Clean Cement invisible surface sealer , the removal of food fats and drink spillages was much easier. The bus stations now have a cleaner, newer feel about them which is pleasing to the commuters. After the successful clean and seal of the two stations, the RTA treated the remaining sixty (60) bus stations.

At this stage The Roads and Traffic Authority have not completed any exercise to quantify cost savings. However, the Roads and Traffic Authority are extremely pleased with the outcome achieved.

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