Easy Clean Vehicle Protection (Autoglove) significantly cuts wash and prep time.

I have been trialling and using the Rapelle Easy Clean Vehicle Protection product for around 2 years now and have now made it part of my vehicle maintenance cycle because it significantly reduces wash and preparation time..

The product delivers on its promise of easy cleaning as the invisible microfilm coating ‘non stick coats’ the surface so that grime is easy to remove with a wash and chamois. Subject to the vehicle use eg sales rep car, I re seal the surface every 4th visit. This adds to the existing coating particularly around the lower half of the car. Beading is excellent and the shine sustained and I have noticed vehicles look visually cleaner even if they are never washed between visits. The coating makes all plastic look new as it protects and rejuvenates. It will help prevent break dust adhesion and because it is hydrophobic repels water on glass and improving vision. It truly is a multi surface sealer/protector.

Recommended application directions

1 light polish > clean .dry

2 spray several panels at a time starting at the roof  in the shade out of wind and allow several minutes to aid adhesion

3 spread the coating with a clean dry cloth> wipe north south then east west. The coating will build up on the cloth.

4 With a new dry/ clean cloth wipe over each panel to remove any excess and bring up the shine.

5 Commence Step 2, 3 and 4 on other panels.

Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 after several months to maintain ‘non stick’ ease of clean.

NOTE because wiping creates static electricity it is recommended the charge is neutralised with a hose/ chamois a day after applying the coating to stop dust. Wipe on cloths can be reused once pre soaked in detergent and machine washed

I  recommend the product to our national State Technical managers with a view that we fully support this product nationally.


Franchise owner for Car Care Hills District

NSW New Products evaluation committee representative Car Care Australia


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