If water can’t stick, grime can’t stick, mould and germs can’t grow.


It’s a coating that chemically bonds to the surface capillaries to form an invisible protective barrier. The resultant surface will bead when wet to repel grime, water, grease and salt spray adherence making it easy to clean. It can be used as an invisible sealer to Protect from grime ingress on hard surfaces such as GLASS, STAINLESS, GROUT, TILES and PORCELAIN.Ideal to repel soap scum, grime, salt spray and finger print adherence on shower screens and splash backs, marine glass, architectural glass, balustrade, mirrors, automotive glass (not windscreen) and to inhibit corrosion which causes unsightly “Tea Stains”  and rust on all grades of stainless steel. Prevent  mould and bacteria from taking hold with

Ultra-Fresh  an additive that is incorporated into the formulation of the invisible surface coating and provides long lasting proven antimicrobial protection.

The Science behind the surface protection

Chemical and detergent free cleaning means a saving in maintenance and cleaning costs as well as a positive effect on the environment.


My company does mould and fungi removal and property maintenance. Heritage, architects, construction, body cooperates, Defence, Maritime (Garden Island) and Councils.

We clean and protect glass, stainless steel, concrete, public amenities and bath rooms. I use the Rapelle products because of their reliability and consistency in product performance with excellent service and support. It prevents mould regrowth and makes cleaning easy.

Harry Freela

NT Maintenance


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