Rapelle Dust Binder is a non-hazardous but environmentally friendly, powerful, soil and gravel binder. It works particularly well on low to non-plastic soil types. It encapsulates small particles with its powerful chemical binding properties and is up to 10,000 times greater in its ability than calcium based dust suppressants or surfactants and wetting agents.


Rapelle® DUSTBINDER is a powerful binding liquid preparation that is applied to stockpiles, embankments, unpaved roadways and shoulders, yard areas, parking lots and tailings. It penetrates, saturates and bonds surface dust and aggregate together to create a complete, dust-free, water-resistant and resilient surface.

Rapelle® DUSTBINDER can be used on a wide variety of materials from homogenous, non-cohesive ilmenite sands to laterite gravels.


Rapelle® DUSTBINDER’s unique effectiveness is the result of the length and strength of its molecules and their ability to bond with road material.

Rapelle® DUSTBINDER’s chemical structure is made of molecules linked in chains and grids that are up to 1,000,000 molecules long. It encapsulates the small particles with its powerful chemical binding ability, up to 10,000 times greater than calcium based dust suppressants or surfactants and wetting agents. Tangible evidence of the effect of Rapelle® DUSTBINDER on your material is available before you commit to a purchase. If a representative cannot get to site to demonstrate, send a sample of the material and we will send you back the same sample stabilised.

The Rapelle® DUSTBINDER solution should be sprayed onto the roadway or other surfaces only at the rate it can be absorbed. Water is used to spread Rapelle® DUSTBINDER and get penetration and saturation of fugitive dust. When water evaporates, Rapelle® DUSTBINDER sets. All dust and particles are combined with the base in a dust-free, bound surface.


Rapelle® DUSTBINDER is used to stabilise stockpiles, soils and unpaved surfaces. Rapelle® DUSTBINDER solution is applied to stockpiles, embankments and tailings, using a water truck equipped with a pump, hose and fire hose-type nozzle.



· Tailor made solutions for individual problems.
· Cumulative effect from each application.
· Stops dust clouds and dust nuisance.
· Ecologically safe and accepted.
· Reduces road surface deterioration.
· Adds traction and safety in both wet and dry.
· Maximum resistance to rain, UV light and wind.
· Does not become brittle and pothole.
· Will not pollute underground water supply.
· Does not leach out.
· Is not carried away on tyres.


To name but a few
· Airports
· Anything Granular.
· Batters
· Car parks
· Coal transportation
· Mines
· Pig farms
· Race Tracks
· Roads
· Seeding
· Shoulder treatment
· Side tracks
· Stock Piles
· Tailing Dams
· Tracks
· Walking trails
And many more, wherever dust is a problem.

Our product has been used in all of the above projects and many more in different counties throughout the world.
To get some idea of the benefits that can be gained from Rapelle® DUSTBINDER’s

Use please (click here)



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