Touch Point  Health Check

Is it really clean?

We can ATP swab test areas of concern such as, door knobs, locks, appliances, railings, elevator buttons, light switches, ATM’s even poker machine buttons and indicate touch point cleanliness.These areas  are often overlooked by cleaners but  you, your people or your customers can’t avoid touching.

+Touch Point Health Check service

* 20 surface test minimum includes ATP swabs up to 1 hour on site with areas agreed

* includes travel time within 10k of Sydney CBD

* report and spreadshet emailed

* includes electronic report approx 5 hours service plus all materials total.

* we can show you how to protect these surfaces and extend the hygiene protection.

* Advance booking required with payment of $330 inc GST

Here is some of our recent research on door furniture  WHAT THE CLEANERS MISSED Other ATP touch point tests you may be interested in.

Washrooms should not only look clean but be hygienically clean

Inclean magazine July Post Alan

The clean, sparkling appearance of a washroom can speak volumes about the stature, speculated worth and reputation of a company. With today’s health conscious society, it’s imperative to have a washroom that not only looks clean but is [...]

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Is it Really Clean?

We are all aware that touching door furniture may contaminate our hands after picking up what someone else left behind. But how dirty are the surfaces you can’t avoid? How often have you witnessed anyone actually cleaning the door locks and handles? Never?

A recent Touch Point Health Check testing cleanliness [...]

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Anzac Memorial stainless spit and polish

The barricade is at the top of the steps

The stainless steel and glass barricades that restrict entry to the Anzac Memorial ‘tea stain’ ( corrode) over time.. The long shot shows the proximity to the water and fountains which the barricades face. Water  carry  through the air will accelerate corrosion combined with [...]

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