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1 +Touch Point  Health Check

Is it really clean?

We can  ATP swab test areas of concern such as, door knobs, locks, appliances, railings, elevator buttons, light switches, ATM’s even poker machine buttons and indicate touch point cleanliness.These areas  are often overlooked by cleaners but  you, your people or your customers can’t avoid touching.

+Touch Point Health Check service

* 20 surface test minimum includes ATP swabs up to 1 hour on site with areas agreed

* includes travel time within 10k of Sydney CBD

* report and spreadshet emailed

* includes electronic report approx 5 hours service plus all materials total.

* we can show you how to protect these surfaces and extend the hygiene protection.

* Advance booking required with payment of $330 inc GST

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Here is some of our recent research on door furniture  WHAT THE CLEANERS MISSED

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CLEAN>SEAL> PREVENT bacteria and mould 

If water can’t stick, grime can’t stick and mould and bacteria can’t grow.

Clean  the surface with biodegradable cleaner that is food safe.

Seal the surface with Rapelle surface sanitizer for critical touch points mist spray applied or wiped on. This 100 % water based biodegradable sanitizer is SAFE on all surfaces for effective 99.9% germ kill for up to 7 days and is part of our Asset Risk Protection service. We can show you how to do it, your cleaners or we can do it for you.

Rapelle Glass & Stainless Protecta is a multi-hard surface  invisible protective sealer suitable for tiles, grout, concrete, porcelain, glass and stainless steel.   It is the most economical way to Protect your Assets from grime ingress, bacteria growth and inhibit mould. Chemical free cleaning is as easy as a wipe.

Prevent  This surface was treated in 2010 in a stairwell under a dripping fire hose housing. You can see the difference.




Subway Rapelle

Service summary

*  minimum 4 hours in multiple rooms and includes travel time based from Sydney CBD

* Mould removal will require a pre treatment with a mould eliminator to penetrate the surface to kill bacteria not just bleach it. Then seal the surface.

*  pricing on request subject to location

* advance booking required with agreed payment minimum  on confirmation. Can include vehicles.

Stainless Protection

Clean   non abrasive Stainless Cream Cleaner to  remove ‘tea stains’  eg stainless steel balustrade,  wire and fittings.

Seal once the surface is clean and dry we can apply an invisible long life stainless steel Protecta to seal all grades of stainless steel.If living near the sea, we recommend a regular rinse of sealed surface to remove contaminates with a re coat of the stainless every 12 months.

Prevent The  stainless protective coating will make  cleaning a rinse and  wipe  and stainless will be protected from tea stains.

We can provide this service in:-

Aged Care, Public Amenities, Education, Hospitality and Transport that is accessible by ladder.

Service summary

*minimum 4 hours

* includes travel time within 10k of  Sydney CBD

* pricing on request subject to location and minimum

* advance booking required with agreed payment minimum on confirmation.

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4 auto protection

We can help you  reduce fleet maintenance time via a CLEAN> SEAL>PREVENT surface care service.

Clean   a deep clean with non toxic biodegradable cleaners and non abrasive polish  to remove road grime and or clay bar to rejuvenate the external surface.

Seal once the surface is clean and dry we can apply Easy Clean Vehicle Protection.  An invisible silicone based  sealer that will provide surface protection from grime adherence from roof to wheel.  Protect the surface from degradation from road  grime, bird droppings , tar by applying a microscopic durable invisible film to paint, plastic and glass to make cleaning a rinse and a wipe. Reapplication is  3 to 6 months subject to fleet use. It will significantly cut cleaning time and protect your asset.

Prevent after initial application surface will be easy to clean. With repeat application the surface seal depth increases as does the durability from 6 to 12 months.

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Untreated /treated


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