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NEW Australian 1st & Australian Made.

FINALLY! Affordable paint/surface protection that is DIY and makes cleaning Easy!

Even MEN can do it!

Rejuvenate, Seal and Protect

Paint – Plastic – Glass – Rubber – Metal 

auto glove


For a professional finish just spray  and wipe on and hand polish off leaving a durable invisible microfilm coat with NO wax residue.

For $8 you can seal and protect a family sized car from roof to wheel and make cleaning easy.

Price $39.95 = 5 family cars protection for up to 6 months.  2 coats will last a year.

Only $39.95

(+postage $8.90) Total $48.85


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Pay with Paymate Express


Proven Technology 100% Australian

5 years in development and testing has produced  a protective coating that is as good as the best paint protection and SIMPLE to apply. Protect the new and bring the old back to new! 






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Water beading that LASTS!


TESTIMONIALS from trials 

Last year I trialed Rapelle formula B (TRADE) on several vehicles for eight months and tested it against so called paint protection products.

Controls were: No paint protect or Wax . Hummer

Wax, Synthetic and  Canauba

Wilson Brand 2 component paint protection with silica. Mazda 3

The key characteristics of Rapelle are, very easy removal of dirt and excellent water shedding properties, longevity was 6 months on painted surfaces and 12 months on plastic bars.

One trial vehicle owner claims that water sheeting is still good after a year, but the car is due for a re-coat. The product is reasonably easy to apply and leaves a deep gloss.

Noticeable on trial vehicles was how little dust would stay on the surface once static charge in the paint work was neutralised with water.

The Japanese Wilson product shed water easily for 8 months but has now left the surface dull and requires removal with a buff and polish. Rapelle comes off with wax and grease remover.

This product is ideal for people in a hurry using commercial vehicles and sales reps cars (fleets). Using a Gurney removed mud and dirt easily from the treated side of the Hummer.



( George is a 33 year paint veteran and was a national Tech product manager for an international high end wax/ polish mfr).


“I would have no hesitation in recommending Rapelle Vehicle Protection to anyone who really cares about keeping their vehicle looking in great condition. I have been protecting my car, motor bike and racing bike for years”

Col T - WA

After the recent 3 month road test to ascertain surface protection duration testing high end wax and sealers with 3 fleet reps cars that travel around 130, ooo kms per year  the results are in. Rapelle Auto Glove delivered excellent beading on paint and is as good as the best. Where it excelled  head and shoulders above the rest was on plastic surfaces. These looked as good as new, in window wiper bay area, bumpers and mirrors. Amazing!!  The shine on the paint was a smidge below the high end wax but for the price and ease of application No comparison. I will now recommend the product to our national State Technical managers with a view that we fully support this product nationally.

Thanks for making Car Care your first call and making professional detailing easier.


NSW Technical Manager

Car Care Australia


The protection is simple to apply and makes cleaning easy in between reapplication. It cuts my external detail and cleaning time from 45 minutes to 15 minutes, as well as protecting the surface and reducing wear and tear at the car wash”

Mr. John Milicic, Managing Director, of Sydney Driver.Com, a limousine hire service


“I look forward to Sunday evenings in my garage with a cigar and coffee while I clean the bike, good relaxation therapy. Probably a bit weird, but after cleaning the car and bike it is pretty hard not to keep looking at them, much like the amourall add…but amourall never got anything looking as good as your product. Good luck with your endeavours, you have a great product.”


“I am very pleased with the product and would recommend its use across all three domains where we have tested the product. Trucks, cars and bikes”

Wayne S Smith



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