Our products and services are designed to protect your assets and cut cleaning time/ cost in half. Rapelle provides an asset risk protection  solution for your;

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Is it really clean?

Short answer probably not. We all know that professional cleaning is a ‘pit stop’. No different to a car wash. ‘Get em in and out the door’. Professional Detailers take the time to get the surface prepared , cleaned and protected. It costs more but you can see the difference on closer inspection. Our approach is the same i.e. clean the surface properly, protect it and build in prevention. Because the surface is CLEANED and SEALED  to PREVENT  bacteria, mould and grime ingress our solution will deliver SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY. Protected surfaces  seal out grime, are much easier to clean with less effort and no chemicals. Save Time> Save Money> Save Environmental Impact.

How we work

We try and keep it simple. Our solutions are DIY or we can do it for you as a programmed maintenance service subject to location.

We began in 1992 with a focus on protecting the body’s largest organ from harmful UV rays through the development of reactive dye stuffs that block UV in textiles. Since 2000 we have focused our energy on surface protection and bacteria contamination risk prevention. To view our past work on changing the global textile market click here Rayosan® case studies. Our safe touch approach to bacteria risk prevention can be viewed here Kaba Australia and Rapelle® join forces in the name of sustainability.


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