Rapelle Asset Protection and optimum hygiene.

At last! floor to ceiling protection with just one product +  bacteria and mould inhibitor

Make cleaning glass, tiles, stainless, grout, porcelain & hard surfaces easy, with just a wipe.

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Rapelle Asset  Protection

Rapelle Glass & Stainless Protecta is a microfilm coating that chemically bonds to the surface capillaries to form an invisible protective barrier. It can be used as an invisible sealer to protect from grime ingress on hard surfaces such as GLASS, STAINLESS, GROUT, TILES and PORCELAIN.Ideal to repel soap scum, grime, salt spray and finger print adherence on shower screens and splash backs, marine glass, architectural glass, balustrade, mirrors, automotive glass (not windscreen) and to inhibit corrosion which causes unsightly “Tea Stains”  and rust on all grades of stainless steel. The addition of an antibacterial inhibits mould and bacteria growth. If water can’t stick grime can’t stick and germs can’t grow. Less cleaning , less time, less cost and less chemicals.

 More Info   http://rapelle.com.au/home/product/glass-stainless-protect-ultra-fresh-try/


We will show you an  effective way to risk protect your assets and  check what the cleaners miss.

Our + Touch Point Health Check service is the first step in Asset Risk Protection to gauge surface cleanliness.  More info


CLEAN  the surface thoroughly.

SEAL surface from grime penetrating and corrosion.Protecting the surface making it easy to clean. If water can’t stick, grime can’t stick and germs can’t grow.


rough surface provides the perfect environment for particulates and germs to stick.


Rapelle seals the surface and creates a smooth, protective coating, prohibiting grime ingress and  particulate adhesion .

PREVENT  fungi and bacteria from growing.


Our products are designed so you can easily Do-It-Your self and save  time cleaning without chemicals.

HOW MUCH CAN YOU SAVE improving cleaning efficiency?  to find out, Click here

ATP testing more info

Now you  can try and buy trade quality bathroom, kitchen and automotive protective coatings at trade prices! Asset protection made easy with just one product for automotive or indoors. Go shopping!


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